NATIONWIDE HOTLINE : 1-300-22-1628 or 016-228 0016

NATIONWIDE HOTLINE : 1-300-22-1628 or 016-228 0016

PH WATER makes it super affordable for every home to have Healthy Water

*(Healthy Water means Oxidation-Reduced Potential, alkaline, hydrogenized, Bio-energy)

Here's What We Do...

PH WATER Signature Series


Health water systems designed to last a lifetime, made affordable via installment -without interest, without deposit, without rental, without credit card.
"Clean water - for life"

BioMax Series


ORP, Alkaline, Bio-Energy and Hydrogen health water made affordable for every home in Malaysia.
"The healthiest water in the world"

Dealer Exclusive Series


Genuine quality outdoor filters & service, made available for every home in Malaysia.
"Product - Genuine,Warranty - Guaranteed,Service - 24-48 hours"



21 years...


West Malaysia

Installation area

24-48 hours 

Service hotline

How does it work...

Step 1. We source for the best water filtration technology in the world

Our water purification technology are sourced from USA, UK, KOREA, JAPAN, and MALAYSIA. We gather the best technology available and combine into our product. 

Step 2. Offer very affordable installment plan for you

We will package our products into very affordable intallment plan, so that anybody can afford our filters. Our promise is: no interest, no deposit, no rental, no credit card.

Step 3. Provide great after sales service. 

Our company provides manufacturer's warranty for all our product. In case there are any problems with water filter, you can call our nationwide hotline, where we will respond to you within 24 to 48 hours. 

PH WATER Difference...

We offer not just clean water, but "Healthy Water"

Healthy life starts with healthy water. Clean water is not enough. You deserve natural, healthy water.By healthy water, we mean ORP, Alkaline, Bio-Energy and Hydrogenized.

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Everyone (yes, you too) can afford our healthy water systems

For 21 years, up to 50,000+ customers, we have been offering easy installment plans: ●  no interest● no deposit● no rental (full ownership)● no credit card

Help the world unselfishly, then profit.

On average, we make profit from each customer only after 1-2 years later. This is because we offer installment plans without deposit and without interest.We do this so that everyone can afford our health water systems.

Super Easy Installment Plans....

Literally anyone can afford our health water systems.

No Interests

Many people still don't realize, when they pay interest for installments, they end up almost paying double the price. We insist that we won't do this. Zero Interest.


No Deposit

When you order our filter, we don't ask for any deposits. You can take home the filter immediately.

No Rental 

Most water filter company charge you up to 3 years installment just to rent the filter, and 5 years to own it. For us, with 2- 3 years installment, you fully own the filter forever. 

No Credit Card

You don't need to have credit card in order to get installment. You just need to bank in to our bank account every month on time. 

Why Choose PH WATER

First Class Product

We source the best filters from all around the world (USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Malaysia). Our filters are genuine, our stainless steel covers are certified high quality, service and technician are professional and our price is always affordable.

Hassle-free Manufacturer's Warranty

Never worry again. You will deal directly with us, the manufacturer. No hassle, no headache. Just call our 24 hours hotline and we will solve your problem. We won't ask you to fill up difficult application form, ask you wait to send the product to us, and ask you to wait a few months. 

Lowest filter replacement cost

Most water filter companies make money from you through filter replacement , charging higher price, knowing you must pay for it. We are opposite, we offer the lowest filter replacement price in Malaysia. Feel free to ask around and compare our price.

Lowest service charge in Malaysia

Most water filter companies charge RM80-100 for service charge, eventhough the filter is covered under warranty. We offer stellar onsite service for RM30 only, which is the lowest rate in Malaysia.

Unique Silicon Quick Sand - 3 times better filtration

Our unique sand filters set us apart from any other companies. It's filtration is 3x more efficient in removing particles, sediments, mud and solid in water up to 5-10 micron size. It also saves 50% water during backwash with shorter required time.


Direct from Manufacturer

Never worry that you have ordered the wrong product. Never worry that you have receive fake product. We absolutely guarantees that our filter will work well in our situation before we install it. You will also get the highest quality and genuine product, direct from manufacturer.

Made to last for a lifetime - zero maintenance

For sand filters, it is standard to replace the sand every 3 years. However, due to our unique silicon quick sand, our filters can last a lifetime.

We’re on a Mission

Our goal: To make healthy water systems accessible in 10,000 homes by 2020. Read here to know why….

Why choose PH WATER for your home?

Highest Quality Filter

50,000 customers

Healthy Water

We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

Affordable for every family

We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

Direct from Manufacturer

You will receive installation, service, repair, and warranty guarantee directly from manufacturer 

21 Years Experience

50,000 customers

Clean water for drinking, washing, cooking

Every home should have a master filter (outside) and water filter (inside)

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Outdoor Water Filter - PMF Series

● Outdoor Sand filter ● USA filter technology (20 years)● Ideal for homes, restaurants, factories● Clean water for kitchen, shower, washing face, cooking, laundry

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Healthy Drinking Water - PHW Series

● High Quality Filters from Korea (Original)● Mild-alkaline water● Bio-Energy system● No electricity, cost saving● No tank, clean and hygiene● Small size, space saving

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Hot and Cold Healthy Water Dispensers - PWD Series

● Instant hot and cold water● High quality water filters from Korea● High quality, stainless steel tanks● Mild-alkaline water

Now, everyone can afford our water filters

Affordable Installment plan

Our company can offer you a wide range of business consulting services.

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No Interest

Our company can offer you a wide range of business consulting services.

No Deposit

Our team will successfully plan the deployment of your appliance.


No Rental

Full ownership, you own everything

No Need Credit Card

Building brand awareness for micro and small businesses.

Installation, Repair, Service.

Provide Installation in West Malaysia

We can install filter for you anywhere in West Malaysia.

Repair and Service

If you have any damaged parts, pipes, hose, filter, you can call our customer service hotline. No need to call plumber.

Replace filter

Our friendly customer service will remind you when your filter need to be replaced. We will also come to your house to replace filter.

Manufacturers Warranty

All your filter is protected and guaranteed by our manufacturer's guarantee. You get highest quality spare parts that are original, not fake.


If you are moving your house, you can also call us, we can help move your filter and install for you at your new home.

 5 Step Installation Plan (100% No Risk Guarantee)


Step 1. Call and Book Appointemnt

Our customer service team will call and make appointment with you best time for technician to come to your house.


Step 2. Technician visits your house and check water pressure.

Our technician team will test and make sure your house has water pressure before installation.


Step 3. Install water filter

Once we confirm your water pressure is strong enough, we will install filter for you.


Step 4. Teach you how to use water filter and backwash and rise

We will teach you how to backwash, rinse and filter, so that once you know how to maintain your filter, your filter can last a long time without needing replacement..


Step 5. After sales service 

We will continue to provide after sales service. If you have any problems, issues, broken parts, we are available for help. We have hotline number, and will respond to you within 24-48 hours. 

Our Satisfied Customers

PH WATER have served up to 50,000 customers in Malaysia.

Master Filters

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Water Filter

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Satisfied Customers

Questions and Answers

  • Do I really need a water filter at my home? Can't I just boil water?

    The water that comes straight from our water pipe includes rust, chemicals and germs. Boiling water only get rids of germs. But it still contains traces of rust, smelly odour and taste, dirt color, chlorine and chemicals. 

  • Why should I get an outdoor water filter?

    Unfortunately, the Malaysia main water pipe system is all rusted. Rusty water causes several adverse health risks and negative effects on our skin, hair, and the food that we wash, and the clothes that we wear. Have you ever notice why we keep having and dandruff or our hair keep falling, despite your good hair maintenance? Or have you noticed why our bright shirts gets stain with yellowish hue? This might be the cause. 

  • How are you different from other filter company in Malaysia?

    There are 3 kinds of drinking water. 1.) Pure Water / Demineralized Water - also known as reverse osmosis (RO) - more suitable for industrial use.2.) Purified Water / Filtered Water - Normal, purified water, free from germs, chemicals and impurities.3.) Enhanced Healthy Water
    PH WATER provides enhanced healthy water. After purifying drinking water from germs, chemical and impurities, our filters also enhance the value of the water by 10,000 times by including health promoting elements into it.

  • Is your filter halal?

    Yes, our filters are halal certified. They are also genuinely made in Korea. 

  • Do you provide installation and delivery?

    Yes, we provide full installation service and delivery service to West Malaysia.

  • Are your water filters based on Reverse-Osmosis (RO) technology?

    No, for the best interest of our customers, we advise that you don't choose the reverse osmosis method of water filtration.